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just right for doing 就是为了做某事情 双语对照 例句: 1. They kicked me out for doing what was right. 他们因为我做了正确的事情而把我开除了。 2. Questions: what are you doing to make timing right for you? 问题是:你怎么抓住合适的...

1. All right for you! I'm not playing with you any more! 算了吧!我再也不跟你玩了! 2. We think it might be just right for ten- to twelve-year-olds. 我们想它或许对十岁到十二岁大的孩子正合适。 3. That coat's just right for you. ...


just right for walking 只适合步行 例句: 1. So what is your reason for walking the way? 那么你此行的目的呢? 2. Dry, sunny days are perfect for walking. 干爽、阳光充足的日子是非常适合散步的。


你好! THe weather here is cool and cloudy,just right for walking. Just right for walking 这里的天气是凉爽和多云的,只是适合行走。只适合散步

It's right for you to do it这句中的for 应该改为of for sb / of sb. 是不定式(短语)的逻辑主语, 不定式的逻辑主语(人或物)有形容词修饰时,用of, 如果这个形容词修饰的是不定式所表示的动作时,介词用for It is kind of you to say so."...

Told myself that you were right for meBut felt so lonely in your company 告诉自己,你是正确的在你的公司,我感到如此的孤独

Camelot - Rise And Fall 我以前经常听,给分吧,楼主!


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