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be right for sb 对于某人来说是正确/合适的。 The T-shirt is right for him. 这件T恤很适合他穿。 The job is right for him. 这项工作很适合他。 The choice is right for him. 他做出了正确的选择。

just right for walking 只适合步行 例句: 1. So what is your reason for walking the way? 那么你此行的目的呢? 2. Dry, sunny days are perfect for walking. 干爽、阳光充足的日子是非常适合散步的。

just right for doing 就是为了做某事情 双语对照 例句: 1. They kicked me out for doing what was right. 他们因为我做了正确的事情而把我开除了。 2. Questions: what are you doing to make timing right for you? 问题是:你怎么抓住合适的...

The taste and price of some of these products may not be right foreveryone. 这些商品的味道和价格并不对每一个人都有吸引力。 如果你认为我的回答对你有用的话,请采纳一下哦!


for 在此表示适合于......

That s all right for you to say .你说的都好。 That s all right.这都是正确的.

你好! THe weather here is cool and cloudy,just right for walking. Just right for walking 这里的天气是凉爽和多云的,只是适合行走。只适合散步

what club is right for you 全部释义和例句>>什么俱乐部合适你 Right for you 网络 对你合适; [例句]You alone should determine what is right for you. 只有你自己才能决定什么适合你。

你好! be just right for 只是对


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